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Work in Progress

Work in Progress:
  • HTML Bulk Publisher
  • - a publishing tool for articles and complex data sets
    Some papers created using the publisher
  • ASR
  • - Digital Image Rectifier, a stand alone Windows application
  • St. Etienne Church
  • Nevers, France
    Preliminary CART Record
  • St. Georges Church
  • Oshawa
    A combination of CART Recording and the ASR Rectifier
  • Recording and Documentation Courses

  • Some preliminary thoughts and outlines for courses to be presented in the fall
  • VULCAN 1904 Iron Sculpture
  • Birmingham, Alabama
    Looking for photogrammetric solutions from Keystone View Company Stereographs
  • Data Mining

  • In the archives of Trent University there exists the previously unpublished record of an excavation at Tebtunis, Egypt during the 1930s. We will be trying different methods to expose this material for other researchers and to glean what we can from it.
  • Frog Pond

  • My spare time forever

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