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I am a freelance contractor specializing in the recording and documentation of heritage and archaeological architecture and I write software in support of these and other disciplines. As well, I still keep my hand in architectural design, site development and a certain amount of carpentry.

A major focus in recent years has been: C A R T CART Computer Aided Recording Tools

One of these tools, CARTHTML (an HTML Bulk Publisher), was used to create these pages.

My career to date has been eclectic (some would say scattered) having included medical research, professional photography, a 400 head sheep farm and a Design/Build construction company.

How it evolved into what it is now is hard to explain but most of the steps are documented somewhere among these pages.

You will find a lot of errors in these pages because, if using Mozilla, there seems to be no plug in for DWF files and, if using IE7 it has become so anal that it won't allow my Java to run.

Sorry about that but I don't know when I'm likely to find the time to fix all the pages with embedded drawings.

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