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Object Oriented Recording

Some Comments on Digital Extant Recording in the Field

Author: Steve Nickerson

"taking an idea and describing it (design) is very different from describing an existing object (recording) and it is unrealistic to think that the same tools can effectivly be used for both"


Computer Aided Design and Drafting, CADD has become an invaluable tool for the designer or engineer to clarify their ideas, change them as the situation demands and to pass on these ideas in a form that allows the creative input of others and this undoubtably results in better design. But the work of the Extant Recorder is diametrically opposite to that of the designer and these features of easy change and precise values often work against the creation of a record drawing becoming a liability instead of an asset.

A methodology of recording for the computer is needed and it must be radically different from that used when recording for paper. I have called this methodology "Object Oriented Recording" and this paper will discuss how it differes from the old model and some details concerning how it might be implemented.

These comments are based on field experiments carried out at Fort Charlotte on Georges Island in Nova Scotia (1992) and the Bar U Ranch in Alberta (1993). Both were projects of Parks Canada. 

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