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C A R T - Computer Aided Recording Tool

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Automating the Drafting for As-Found Recording and Facility Management

by: Steve Nickerson -

Prepared for: Automation in Construction - Elsevier Science Publishers

An update of the paper:

Integration of Measurements and the Knowledge Base to Generate a CAD Model - on Site
Presented at ACADIA'95, Seattle Washington


Unlike other areas of architecture which today rely heavily on computers, as-found recording is still in the paper age. The tools available, such as Computer Aided Drafting, are better suited to describing ideas than objects, and modern survey techniques are generally slow and expensive when applied to small architectural objects. This paper describes a synthesis between these tools that allows the high speed collection of points in a simple database which is then used to automatically generate a CAD model. The final result is a Geographic Information System with each object linked to one or more database tables. 
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