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CART Software Licenses and Franchises

CART, though a powerful working tool in the right hands, is still at a quite preliminary stage of development when it comes to the subtleties like multi-platform support that would allow it to be sold as a software "package". It is stuck somewhere between alpha and beta (or beta and release if you're used to the DOS/Windows world) and it is likely to stay that way for reasons outlined below. If, after all this negative talk, you are still interested in applying our tools to your projects we can help in the following ways.

Send email to: to discuss the options.


Franchisees get the first priority when it comes to support or patches.

Site Licences

Groups with Site Licences will be first in line for support or patches after Franchisees.

Contract Recording

Why CART is not "For Sale"

A few years ago CART seemed to be pretty stable, even in Windows, so we wrote instal routines and a manual but then Autocad r13 came out (a bandwagon some of our clients felt they had to get on) but it didn't support the data engine we were using and the structure of its native data access had changed considerably. The new ADE was not released for more than a year, during which time we wrote our own data access tool, but by then guess what? Autocad r14 and the data access mechanism had changed again (and for the worse again) and our new tool didn't work either.

The real problem, of course, is that we don't have either the resources or the will to get CART ready for shrink-wrap. This is not to say that if someone came along with the resources we wouldn't be interested in a joint venture to get this thing to market but faced with the choice between sitting in the noisy lab and traveling the world recording its built heritage... (well what would you do).

Last change: February 11, 1998 (Steve Nickerson)