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Architectural Design Consultant

Architectural Design has become a sideline in recent years though I would certainly miss it if it got dropped entirely. Most of my serious design work was done under the auspices of Nickerson Associates Designed Building Systems ltd. which now pretty much dormant.

In recent years it has just been odd jobs such as the Attic Stairs and a new building for an old foundation when Mariposa Farm burned.

A project that has had several false starts and which I would very much like to build is the snail which needs a very specific site but promises some spectacular interior spaces.

A recent distinction, though for an old building was the inclusion of a lowly sheep barn in the structures issue of Canadian Architect in 1996.

If you have something in mind that might benefit from an out of the ordinary approach send email to: and we can discuss it.

Last change: February 3, 1998 (Steve Nickerson)