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The far left edge of the Fig. 28 shows part of a gold jeweled band, with dark colored tesserae from an oval jewel. The straight lines of tesserae (from the left: white, slate grey, dark blue, white) comprise the border around the figure, white the emerald green (3 rows) and lime green (3-4 rows) tesserae form part of the background of the figure. The left two thirds of the photograph are heavily restored, with Bornia's pinkish setting. In particular, the black and gold tesserae are all new. It consequently appears highly regular. The edge of the foot, at the right side of the photograph, is substantially original, and its tesserae have a notably jumbled appearance. The vertical rows of tesserae in the center, particularly the green, offer a transition, in which Bornia used some new and some old tesserae. The pink setting bed used here, its surface flush with the tops of the tesserae, tells us instantly that this is restoration, but note that, on account of the greater irregularity in the sizes and shapes of the tesserae, the setting technique is less regular than the areas which were nearly entirely reset.