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Attic Stairs

Attic Stairs

This is the kind of project that any designer or carpenter would kill for. Unfortunatley they are few and far between because they do not represent the cheapest solution to the problem, in this case providing access to a previously inaccessible attic.

The plans were drawn using Autocad R11 on a 386/33 clone. They are fully 3d and all cleareances and dimensions were determined in the model. When it was completed the outlines of the individual pieces were plotted at full scale (this is true) and the resulting paper used as a pattern for the lamination of the one inch maple stock, much as a tailor would use a pattern. This was done on the floor on site.

Everything fitted and the completed unit was installed in two pieces, the lower treads and the landing bolted to the wall and the upper flight attached to the lower and to the upper floor.

We would all dearly love to do more of this, so if you have an interest in architecture as sculpture or furniture and have an idea, let one of us know...

Designed by: Steve Nickerson

Built by:

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Inquiries to: steve@icomos.org
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