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The "Snail"

The Snail
A variation on the theme of "bents"

This project has had a difficult history. First laid out in 1985 for a lot in Rockcliff Park in Ottawa, it was shelved when the client was offered a quick profit for flipping the land.

In 1995 is was resurrected when a former carpenter with Nickerson Associates found the perfect lot in Kemptville, Ontario. However this too did not come to pass and the concept is still on the drawing board (so to speak).

It is actually a much more buildable structure than it appears at first glance. Nickerson Associates has long used a construction technique where, instead of studs and platforms, the building is composed of structures comprised of inner & outer walls and a parallel chord roof truss. We have typically laid these out on a grid, each wall section being somewhat taller than the last to provide the roof slope.

The only difference here is that these "bents" are arranged radially around a central hall and spiral staircase.

I would dearly love to finish this project someday (I may even build it for myself). If you have a lot with a panoramic view and want something fun for it, let me know...

Design by: Steve Nickerson

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