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A brief history

Nickerson Associates Designed Building Systems

Nickerson and Associates designed building systems ltd. was incorporated in 1984 as a design/build organization working in and around Ottawa, Canada. It grew out of a partnership of the same name that had been in operation since the mid 1960s.

The index points to some past and current projects of which we are particularly proud:

What we felt distinguished our operation was the way we integrated the design and construction. The program, site considerations, and essential design was worked out between the director Steve Nickerson and the client. When the basics were settled the other two principals of the project were chosen. They were - an architecture student who would be doing the working drawings and a site foreman who would eventually be responsible for the construction. They, in close collaboration with the clients, would then carry the design through to a building permit and when construction began both would move to the site.

The purpose of this procedure was to have both design and construction expertise involved throughout the process and it had the effect of introducing the architects to the realities of construction and the builders to the criteria according to which the design was conceived. We were very happy with the results of this experiment and heartily recommend it to anyone embarking on such a project.

At its inception our main focus was custom residential design & construction though specialities quickly emerged in the areas of Solar Design, Emergency Salvage Renovations and Pond Design and Construction.

The early adoption of CAD for both design and working drawings opened the area of CAD Implementation and Consultation as a major activity of the organization.

Though at present, it functions primarily as a consulting service, at its peak it employed about thirty people, architects, carpenters, sub-contractors and labourers many of whom are still in the design and/or construction business.

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