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Interlocking Cubes

Matar Residence - Wendover, Ontario built 1985 Three interlocking Cubes

This house was unique in the experience of Nickerson Associates in that it was not built by us. The timing was just wrong, we were busy and the clients were in a hurry.

The result was less distressing to the owners than it was to the designer, the main problem being a change in orientation that left the main living area windows looking across the river and at the back of the adjacent hotel instead of angling up and down the river. This also accounts for the dog-leg in the greenhouse/garden access and the fact that you can't see the front door from the street.

Still if the clients are happy....

Design by: Steve Nickerson steve@icomos.org
Working Drawings by: Louise
This one was designed before we started using CAD so the only drawings we have are on paper too big for us to scan so all we can offer is some photographs of the finished product.

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Inquiries to: steve@icomos.org
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