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Post and Beam

Lahey Residence - Mont Cascade, Quebec 5 level Post & Beam

built 1988

In addition to the usual program considerations, the design of this house was strongly influenced by the site, which is a steep hill side, and a pre-existing supply of timbers with which to build the post & beam frame.

It was drawn with Autocad rel 9 on a XT clone, which should impress the techies (just try to draw that roof with r9) The full set of working drawings is contained in a single CAD file of 500 k, plots of which can be seen below.

An interesting sideline to this project:
I was approached to do the design and supervise construction by a young hi-tech engineer, Tony Lahey. The plan was to build it on weekends and over the summer using friends and family for labour. This actually worked and it seems that he enjoyed himself so much during this project that he left silicon valley and is now running a design and drafting service of his own and is a partner in a construction company.

Design and working drawings by:
Steve Nickerson

Construction Foreman: Tony Lahey

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