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Mariposa Farm

Mariposa Farm - Reconstruction after fire

After the almost complete destruction of the farm house by fire in the fall of 1995 a new building designed to utilize the existing slab-on-grade is starting to take shape.

Because I was traveling at the time it was designed on a laptop 486/25 computer (mostly on planes and in hotel rooms) running Autocad R12 for DOS.

The client, Ian Walker, is a former construction foreman for Nickerson Associates so he did the working drawings himself and is building it himself over the winter, while the farm is less demanding.

Also, due to the home-grown nature of the construction, several changes have been made to the design and when Photographs are available significant differences between them and the plots will be noticible.

Designed by: Steve Nickerson steve@icomos.org
Working Drawings & Construction Foreman: Ian Walker (613) 673-5881

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Inquiries to: steve@icomos.org
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