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Introduction to the HTML Publisher

The world is full of HTML Publishing tools, in fact almost every software package you might buy will have a "Save as HTML" option. So why would you create a course in Heritage Recording around an HTML Publisher?

There is a fundamental dichotomy between data sets which might best be described as the difference between having a little information for a large audience and having lots of information for a small office. The former case is exemplified by museums but also by the "average joe" and it is for this market that the software makers create their tools.

Heritage Recording, however, occupies the other side of the equation. A good Heritage Record contains a vast amount of data which is of interest only to a very small audience. As a result the Heritage Recorder can ill afford to spend the time required to prepare each document for presentation. A simpler tool, as close to automatic as possible, is needed and the price of such automation is organization. By having your data well organized it is possible to create software that can figure out what to do with each data type to prepare the necessary documents, leaving the recorders free to do the much more valuable task of organizing their material.

The CARTHTML Publisher forces a consistent data structure and in return prepares, if not elegant, at least legible HTML pages which allows the recorder to present his material to the clients in a format they can understand as well as helping him to identify areas of his record that may be deficient.

Project Development

Help with individual problems as they turn up during the recording/documentation process.

Project Presentation

The student teams will present their projects to their colleagues and to a larger audience of Architectural Technology students and any other interested parties, hopefully including those interested in the object recorded.

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