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Fieldwork Course

Summer Course 4/6 weeks of work in the field

UNESCO is the custodian of 445 cultural properties in 114 countries which have been designated as World Heritage Sites. Most of these have never been systematically recorded.

Each year one of these treasures will be chosen and, with the support of ICOMOS, which acts as the advisor to UNESCO for professional and technical issues surrounding these resources, each summer a group of students and volunteers will be assembled to travel to the site and do what can be done as far as recording and publishing it and setting up monitoring systems to aid in its future management.

Accommodation and a resource/working area will be secured as close as possible to the site where all students, staff and support personnel will live and work for the duration of the project.

The work of documenting the site will be interspersed with formal instruction including all of the lecture topics included in the other courses in this group.

The main assignment will be the diligent performance of whatever tasks the student is assigned as well as a brief report on the overall experience and a detailed report on one of the recording activities carried out.

There will also be field trips to whatever museums, galleries and sites the host country has to offer.

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