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Preliminary Assessment

Identify 3 possible projects, one each from: Vernacular, Industrial & Landscape and prepare a preliminary document for each that will facilitate the choosing of the final project.


All assignments submitted will be made available on the internet and students will rate them as to:

  • Quality of the presentation
  • - Is it possible to visualize the building from the material provided?
  • Suitability of the recording project
  • - Heritage values to be explored
  • - Authenticity

  • WWW Assignment

    On-line discussion of the submitted assignments

    Prepare project methodology

    Choose, in consultation with the instructor a project and prepare 2 documents:

  • One specifying the recording requirements from the perspective of the owner
  • The other specifying the approach to be taken by the recorder to fulfil that mandate as well as the recorders, responsibilities as outlined in the "Code of Ethics"
  • include:

  • recording tools to be used
  • an object naming system
  • the documents required for the owner
  • the documents required for the archive

  • Assignment
    Prepare the project

    Each student/team will proceed to record and document their chosen project based on the submitted submitted earlier as corrected by the instructor.

    WWW Assignment

    On-line chat discussing problems arising during recording


    The student teams will present their projects to their colleagues and to a larger audience of Architectural Technology students and any other interested parties, hopefully including those interested in the object recorded.

    WWW Assignment

    On-line chat discussing the completed assignments

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