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The underlying principle of CARTHTML is this:
All computer files have a name and all those names start with a string of one or more letters usually followed by an extension. CARTHTML sorts those files by extension and name, then compares the file names with a string specified by the user.

This string is the Project code specified in configuration file .CH1 or, for multi page documents, in configuration file .CH2

What it does with these files is then determined by the extension.

Files with the extension .TXT (and other extensions specified by the user) it turns into HTML. For .GIF and .JPG it creates thumbnails and copies of the files in a seperate directory ready to move to the server. It creates links to pre compiled HTML pages with the extension .HTM etc....

In a nutshell then: Nothing matters but the filename. If you have your data sorted into sub-directories the files will still be considered and used though the sorting becomes less complete (This is being worked on)

The following list will give you the idea.

Assume that the user has specified the string "over" as the project code or, as I have done here, the code of a sub-document for a larger data set.

All files starting with "over" would be gathered. (The results of this can be visualized by typing "DIR over*.*" at a DOS prompt)

To be more precise, we use "DIR over*.* /one/b/a-d/s" which also starts the sorting process.

These are further sorted, first by file name and then by extension and files not appropriate for conversion removed so we end up with the temporary file OVER.TMP which is the basis of the page you are reading.





This is the first foot note for the overview section

This is the second foot note for the overview section

Files Referenced for over
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\OVER.TXT
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\OVER.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\OVER.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\OVERTMP.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\OVERTMP.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\OVER1.FTN
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\OVER2.FTN

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