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Error Conditions

Error messages are presented in a variety of different ways depending on the program module having problems. The following lists, while not exhaustive, points out many of the software problems both fatal and non-fatal and suggest solutions.

Another set of problems that you are bound to encounter will have to do with your data set. Several of these are noted below allong with possible solutions.

These nessages may or may not be displayed on screen depending on the debug level at which which you are processing your material but there is a file: CARTHTML.LOG which is created in the working directory (where the config files are) which includes copies of all messages generated by the main program.

Please let us know if you enounter any error situations we haven't noted or when you come up against any of these situations which will not go away with the hints provided. There is a good chance that they represent bugs that we can fix, or structures that we had not thought of and for which we should allow.

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Software Errors (fatal)

This program has performed an illegal operation
This has been observed when you have a document using an extended character set (like French) and very long lines.
To fix it add hard returns (enter) at a word end every 70-80 characters.

Out of environment space
This message may be encountered the first time the program is run.
When this happens:

  • Right Click on the bar at the top of the window
  • Click Properties
  • Click the Memory tab
  • Increase the "Initial Environment" to "1024"
  • Click the "Apply button"

  • This is a fatal error, after making the above change close the window and run the program again

    Unable to create directory [?:/???/????] and/or unable to write to it
    This message indicates a problem with the destination directory.
    The parent directory (?:\???) does not exist (the software would normally create the subdirectory).
    You do not have the permissions required to write to this directory.
    This is a fatal error, press ^C if given the choice.

    Cannot read ObjectFile [demo.ch2]
    This is caused either by starting the program in the wrong directory or having failed to identify a project as an article (which needs no ObjectFile). Typos and oversights are also possibilities to consider.
    The Working field in the CARTHTML icon (under properties) must point to the location of your configuration files where both the .CH1 and .CH2 files for your project(s) reside.
    This is a fatal error, press ^C.

    Sharing violation reading drive ?:
    The most common cause of the above is still having CARTHTML running in another window or having one of the reference files open in another program.
    This is probably fatal, Press ^C



    Software Errors (non-fatal)

    Cannot read file [?:/???/???.???]
    In theory this should never occur as the file it is looking for comes from a list it made of available files made only a few seconds before. Still in a multi-tasking environment anything can happen.
    The most likely cause is that you renamed or deleted the file while you were waiting for CARTHTML to finish processing, but look also for files opened by other programs or other users on the network.
    This is a not fatal error and you can continue processing



    Configuration Errors

    No supporting files for [???]
    This message occures when the configuration file (.CH2) specifies a code (the ???) and there are no files which conform or when processing an article for which there are no supporting files.
    It is probably the result of a typo in the config file or the file name(s) or possibly because you haven't gotten around to writing that material yet.

    The opposite of this is:

    An "Unused Files" entry at the bottom of the menu
    This is generated when files are found that match none of the naming
    schemes indicated by your config files. It will go away when all your files conform to your naming standards.
    Actually, we think of this as a feature that helps you organize your material. You can even throw everything you've got into a directory and get at least this UNUSED.HTM so you can see what you have to work with.

    Configuration Error - Invalid Global: "???"
    This is caused by an invalid category in your configuration file .CH1
    It will be the result of either a version upgrade or a typo during manual editing of this file. If the value is required it will be replaced by the defaults, if not your .CH1 will be rewritten without the offending variable.
    Non-fatal but you should check your .CH1 and run the program again.

    Image file names get changed between SourceDir and DestinDir
    If you find that ABCD.TIF becomes BCD.GIF when it gets converted it might be due to a trailing "\" in after your SourceDir value.
    There should be no slash (neither "/" or "/" following any of the directory variables).

    Files types which you specified in NoHtml are processed anyway. The contents and order of the list of files to be processed USEABLE.TMP is determined by the lists HtmlOrder,FootOrder and NoHtml in that order. No extension should appear in more than one of these lists.
    Check your entries for these lists and remove any duplicates.


    Debug Settings

    The first item on the configuration file .CH1 is Debug. By adjusting this value you will get both a different document and different screen prompts and questions. A brief description of the features of these different levels follows:

    Debug=0 You will get the cleanest document and the fewest prompts, however suspect functions are always logged so if things do not turn out as you expect you can always examine CARTHTML.LOG

    Debug=1 adds a horizontal line between each file and causes the temporary files (???.TMP) to be retained for later contemplation.

    Debug=2 prints more messages to the screen and adds file names to the document in addition to the horizontal line.

    Debug=3 adds expire"0" to the header. This will force a reload each time a document is reloaded. This reduces the aggrevation when you tweak a file and expect to see the changes in your document but they don't show up because your browser is using the cached version instead.

    Debug=4 forces user input (a return) at every debug message. Useful when the messages are abundent and scroll off the screen before you have a chance to read them. Mind you they are all in CARTHTML.LOG anyway.


    Files Referenced for error
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR.TXT
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR1.TXT
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR1.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR2.TXT
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR2.LST
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR3.TXT
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR4.TXT
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\TXT\ERROR5.LST

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