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Not only are these pages under construction but so is the software that builds them. Many strange anomalies may be present.

Most software today wants to be all things to all people and the price we pay for this is complexity. What we call a learning curve is really as much sorting out all the features we don't need as it is discovering those that we do and the process gets longer with each new release.

CARTHTML has a different approach.

This package does only one thing. It creates web pages. They are not what you would call flashy pages but they are quite readable and completely consistent. Those who enjoy creating beautiful documents will probably not be much interested unless they can see in this product relief from the drudgery of processing reams of copy and the opportunity to spend more time on the opening pages that lead into the meat of a site. This product concerns itself only with the meat.

There are two distinct types of information providers - those with a small amount of data and a large audience, and those with lots of information in which almost no one is interested. This latter group includes disciplines that must make their data public and it is for them that this tool has been prepared.

The pages you are viewing were created by this tool with absolutely NO manual editing.

The index on the left addresses the major issues (mostly by file type). Read at least the Overview and Using CARTHTML sections before trying anything with real data. The rest of the material is support for particular file types where you can examine each type of file in your repertoire to see how the software deals with it.

Beware: This software is very new and has not been extensively tested so problems are inevitable.

Please send your observations, comments and questions to:

It is, of course, possible when necessary to tweak the output for a specific purpose and numerous examples of this approach can be found at the CART web site.

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