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Foresight looks like this

Select image to expand The opening page of the CARTHTML Demo showing the standard layout for indexed data sets.

Select image to expand The Eufrasiana Basilica - An extensive photographic record and some scholarly reports

Select image to expand Tebtunis - Raw data from an old archive laid out where people can see it.

Select image to expand Heritage Recording Courses - A series of proposals showing how individual files can be used in multiple ways to achieve different ends.

Select image to expand St. Annes Church - The results of a few days in the field (with a faulty camera)

Select image to expand Rio Laplata Dam, preliminary report

Select image to expand The Church of San Jose - San Juan, Puerto Rico Preliminary recording, mostly of the dome.

Only about 30 1-2 digit codes had to be "learned" the next 4 digits defined the location of an area within the whole and the last 2 digits were used for things like multiple images and version distinctions.

The second time, the first time could take several minutes on a slow machine if there are a lot of thumbnail images to create.

Actually if you want only images and their captions you also need to change a couple other configuration settings, specifically HtmlOrder=GIF,JPG and NoHtml=*

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