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Attention! It is possible that some of the links in this demonstration document will not work. If you find this to be the case you can get an explanation and a possible solution below
(If the "below" above is underlined instead of being a link you don't have this problem).

A project identified as an "article" in either the DataModel field of the configuration file .CH1 or in the Frame field of the configuration file .CH2 of a larger data set is treated differently from other data sets.

The assumption is that such material is intended to be published in a conventional paper format and will consist primarily of text, images (with supporting captions), footnotes and references like bibliographies. While it is quite possible to create web pages that look very much like their paper equivalents such a format leaves a lot to be desired for web browsing. Images inserted into such documents are seldom the right size unless viewed on the composers system (or forced in which case the resolution suffers) and it is difficult to maintain your place in the document if your attention is diverted to a footnote or reference.

We have addressed this problem by designing a web specific format that has all the footnotes and references, along with thumbnails and the captions of the images, in a left hand frame with the body of the text (everything else) in the right. When an internal reference is clicked the reference frame scrolls to that item so you need not loose your place in the article and if you want to examine an image in detail or explore a reference these can be opened in separate sessions.

The body itself can consist of any of the supported file types and it will be ordered in the same way, based on the lists in the .CH1 configuration file. There is also a parallel document suitable for print out.



If the links in this document do not work it is probably becaues it was generated as a stand alone article based on the config file "DEMO-A.CH1" which has a SourceDir value of "[path]/demodata/article"

However this document was prepared as a sub-document of the "demo" data set based on "DEMO.CH1" which has a SourceDir value of "[path]/demodata"

If you have a coloured left frame (which suggests that it was generated as a "stand alone" document and If both versions have been generated for the environment in which you found this one you can switch to the one that works by clicking sub-document while clicking stand alone will take you to the stand alone version. (you will get an error if the other set has not been created)



The (non-virtual) Reality of the Heritage Record
 The quest for permanance in a digital record
 {I}proceedings of the ICOMOS 11th General Assembly - Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996

Computer Ready Records
 Ensuring that the records you collect will be accessible in a computer environment

Computer Aided Recording Tools automate the creation of a Site Information System
 {I}ISPRS International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
 {I}Vol:23 Pt:5C1B (1997) p121-130

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  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article.txt
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article.lst
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article0.txt
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article1.lst
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\art_01.ftn
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article.ref
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article1.ftn
  • c:\carthtml\demodata\article\article2.ftn

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