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  • For presentation to the 1997 conference in Goeteberg, Sweden
    CIPA - The International Committee for Architectural Photogrammetry
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    CAA - Computer Applications in Archaeology
    Publication scheduled for March 1998
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  • Digital Extant Recording in the Field
    Object Naming Suggestions
  • CART - Computer Aided Recording Tool
  • Automation in Construction 5(3):161-170 1996
  • The (non-virtual) Reality of the Heritage Record
  • The quest for permanance in a digital record
    proceedings of the ICOMOS 11th General Assembly - Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996
  • Recording Humeima '95
  • Building a Spatial Database for Archaeology - in the field
    Techniques employed for data collection and model
    generation during the 1995 excavations
    University of Victoria, Jordanian Department of Antiquities
    Scholars Press - Religous Studies News, May 1996
  • Integration of Measurements and the Knowledge Base - Generating a CAD Model - on Site
  • Automating the Drafting for as-Found Recording and Facility Management
    McLean Mill Historic Site - Port Alberni, British Columbia
    Proceedings of ACADIA'95:315-332 1995
  • A Site Information System (SIS)
  • CADD/Database Integration for Field Use.
    APT Bulletin 24(1):56-62 1995
  • Comparison of Measurement Techniques
  • A comparison of the tools and techniques used in, or potentially useful
    for measurements in Archaeology and Heritage Recording
  • Computer Ready Records
  • Ensuring that the records you collect will be accessible in a computer environment
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