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The Windows

The Windows

Source Image Window (F7)

This window contains the source image.

Corrected Image Window

This window contains the source image corrected for camera distortion but before rectification. It is provided primarily for a quick check as to whether you are using the correct camera calibration parameters.

This window will not be accessible if you are not using camera calibration so, if lines you know to be straight appear to be curved in this window you should revisit the camera calibration and select a different camera definition or re-calibrate this camera/lens combination

Rectified Image Window (F9)

This window, if it is available, contains the rectified image.

Point List Window (F8)

This window contains the point list.
Each line represents one of your mapped points

These columns show:

  1. The numbers of each point (Number)
  2. The pixel coordinates (Pixel-X, Y) indicating the location of the point

  3. on the source image.
  4. The world coordinates (World-X, Y, Z) entered for each point
  5. The residuals of each point (X, Y-residual)

  6. or the 3D to 2D Mapping (2D-X,Y) calculated on the basis of the axes
  7. The amount each point deviates from the rectification plane (Z-deviation)

  • Group
  • (F7) will assemble all of the windows for the current project, which are currently open, so that the Source Image is on the left, the Rectified Image is on the right and the Point File is displayed, (full width) across the bottom as seen below.

    If present the Corrected Image will be inserted to the right of the Source Image (between the Source and Rectified Images).

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