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Using ASRix

Using ASRix

For a quick overview and some sample images check the Getting Started section.

The basic function of a rectifier like ASRIX is to take an image, photographed at an oblique angle, and stretch it to fit measurements taken from the object itself. The result, if all goes well, is an image with the metric characteristics of an architectural elevation or plan, ie. A 2 dimensional projection of the photograph onto a plane determined by the users measurements of the object.

Your source materials then are the photographs and the measurements and of the two the measurements are by far the most important. You can get a pretty good result from a poor photo but little of use can be extracted if the measurements are faulty. These two components are combined using the point mapping dialogue box.

Working in the source image window you double click on one of the points for which you have measurements and enter the coordinates for that point

Once you have a minimum of four points identified you can define your output parameters (selecting OK in this dialogue box will rectify the image).

If you are using 3D coordinates there is another step which takes place most clearly in the point list window, where you must define the axises of the plane to which you want the image rectified.

The rectified image will be in the same directory and in the same format as your source image. It will also have the same name but with a .ASR. inserted between the filename and the extension. i.e. the rectification of name.jpg would be name.ASR.jpg

The reliability of this image can be determined from the residuals (if you entered the coordinates for more than 4 points) and, if using 3D coordinates, the Z deviation which can be seen in the point list window.

If the on-screen information is difficult to see over your image the colours and extents of the display can be adjusted using the Display Properties dialogue box.

Advanced users and those exploring the samples will need to familiarize themselves with the Alternate Point File dialogue box.

If you do not get the results you were expecting you should read the rest of this help manual then check the sections on Trouble Shooting and Known Bugs both here and the on-line version (which may be more up to date) to see if your problem has precedents.

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