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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting


Butterflies like this are generally the result of having some of your points transposed (mapped to the wrong point on the image.

Another possibility is a point with 0.0 values (ie. one where you forgot to enter the world coordinates)

Checking the residuals and / or the Z deviation will help you find the problem.

Incorrect Orientation of output image

Incorrect orientation of rectified images is most likely to occur when using 3D coordinates and is a result the O H of your O H Vs not being parallel to the objects base line.

This can be corrected by using the rotation options in the Output Parameters dialogue box. The Baseline function is particularly useful in this regard. Note that rotation manipulation should not be used when the image is to be inserted into an AutoCAD drawing.

You can also try changing the axis points through either the Point List window or the 3D to 2D Mapping facility.

Black Images

On some older laptops some images will appear as all black. The solution to this is to convert the source image to 24 bit colour using an image processor.

Cropped Images

Occasionally when you rectify an image parts of it will be missing like the top of the wall sample rectified at the natural scale factor.

This problem can be resolved by lowering User scaling factor in the Output Parameters dialogue box.

Help doesn't display


  1. the file
  2. ASRix.CHM is unavailable
    Try starting it directly from the ASRix Menu
    Start -> Programs -> ASRix -> Help
    in a normal installation.

  3. Internet Explorer 3.0 or later has not been installed.

Please send your bug reports to:

Please include a detailed explanation of the problems you are having as well as the following:

  1. the
  2. Source Image
  3. its
  4. .PTS file
  5. your
  6. ASRix.INI file (In an normal installation it will be in C:/Program Files/ASRix/ASRix.INI
We are always interested in learning of new bugs and your input will be most appreciated.

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