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ASRix Installation

ASRix Installation

Note: The ASRix you download from the web is a full featured version but it will run for only 50 days from it's first installation. After that it will demand a user ID and activation key.

As ASRix is still under constant development when your trial period expires you can try downloading it again and, if it is newer than the version you were running the trial period will be reinstated. However, if there have been no updates since you last installed a new version you will have to buy a licence :)

The ASRix distribution described in these pages is a self-installing executable (currently) ASRixV2.beta.exe which can be downloaded from the ASRix web site:

You can either open this file directly, over the internet, or save it to your hard drive and run it from there.

During the download/installation process you may be confronted with a couple of warning messages:

Here you can select either Run or Save. If you choose to save the file you will have to run it later to complete the installation.

The second warning message is generated because we are unknown to Microsoft. It's another expense and hassle we're not ready to take on just yet. Needless to say you will have to select Run to install the program.

After that it is the usual Install Shield stuff. You will have to agree to the terms of our licence, enter your name, etc.

The first real decision you need to make is where to install the program. By default it will go to C:/Program Files/ASRix but you can put it anywhere you want.

Next you will need to decide whether to do a Complete, Compact (missing the AutoCAD components) or Custom installation:

The whole package is not huge (about 30 meg) so the only reason not to do a Complete installation would be if you will NOT be using the AutoCAD interface.

If you select Custom you will be presented with the following dialogue box:

When Custom has been selected the default will be to install everything except the AutoCAD interface and samples. To change an option select the check box to the left of the component.

If you run the install program again or if you select the Change/Remove button under Add or Remove Programs you will see the following dialogue box which will allow you add or delete a component or uninstall ASRix.

When updating an existing installation the easiest thing to do is to select the Repair option.

  • Note:
  • If you have installed the AutoCAD Interface or saved any of the sample files, Uninstall may not completely remove the program directories from your computer and you will have to remove them manually.
  • Note Also:
  • The AutoCAD features must be uninstalled from an AutoCAD session before you uninstall ASRix using Add or Remove Programs. Please read the section on AutoCAD Installation for complete instructions.

    A complete installation will create an ASRix icon on your desktop and the following entries on your Start Menu under Programs

    Please read the section on using ASRix and check the Samples some of which may prove helpful in understanding what is going on.

    At the time of this writing the following files were included in the distribution:

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