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I hope the help system for ASR is pretty much self explanatory, please let me know where you find problems. Send such comments and inquires to:

There are five main areas in the help file:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Primarily for those who don't / won't use Help.
  3. Using ASR
  4. contains discussions on why to use the various features with some comments on how to implement these in the field.
  5. The AutoCAD Interface
  6. Explains how ASRix has been integrated into AutoCAD.
  7. The Controls
  8. explains the icons, menus and input options.
  9. Dialogue Boxes
  10. contains explanations on how to use the different dialogue boxes.
  11. The Windows
  12. contains explanations on the uses and features of the different windows.
  13. Trouble Shooting
  14. What might be going on when things don't turn out as expected.
  15. Some Sample Exercises
  16. are exercises that should help a new user understand what is going on.

It should be noted that the folders, as well as the pages, are linked to documents containing the overviews of the different areas and should be considered before going on to the sub-topics. In general look in the Getting Started and Using sections for the why and everything else for the how.

Either the icon or the help menu item Help > Topics should launch the Html Help file ASRix.CHM or, if you prefer (for reasons of resolution, font size, etc.) there is also a local HTML version available.

For the latest updates check the on-line ASR Help

The help menu item Help About displays some information about the program that we will probably need for trouble shooting. With the demo version it will display build information and days to expiry in the title bar The licenced version displays the licencee in the title bar with the build information in the body.

Please include this licencee name and build number in all correspondence.

ASRix Help has been created using CARTHTML and then processed using Microsoft's Html Help Workshop into ASRix.CHM which is distributed with the rectifier.

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