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Database Dialogues

Database Management

There are two steps to using a data file to provide world coordinates for your rectification.

You must:

  1. Provide a description of your database file

  2. and
  3. Connect to the appropriate file

Defining a Database File Type

Open the Database Descriptions dialogue box by selecting DB description management from the Tools Menu

In this dialogue box, if you double click on one of the predefined data types it will be set as your Default Data Type and the arrow will point to it as an indication of this. A single click selects that definition for Editing or Deletion

Either Add or Edit will open the Data Description dialogue box where you will actually create your data definition.

The controls in this form are as follows:

Connecting to a Data File

Once your database is configured you need to use the Database Connection dialogue box to connect your database to the image. To access this dialogue box select the icon from the main menu or select the Change button on the Point Mapping dialogue box, which you get when you select a point.

Once you have the dialogue box above, select the predefined type from the list of Database File Definitions you have prepared

and then, to attach a data file by clicking the File Open button and browsing for the data file containing the coordinates for the current image

When a data file is selected the first 3 lines will be displayed in the sample window so you can browse it to insure that you are connected to the correct file or to find the point number you are looking for.

Henceforth the values in these fields, for the point number being identified, will be offered as the default for the World Coordinate Points for each point selected.

Trouble Shooting

Occasionally it happens that your field notes become out of sync with your recording. The Adjust database points field addresses this possibility by allowing you to adjust all point numbers up or down a few to see if this is the case when you get severely distorted results.

The other cause of really bad results is being connected to the wrong database.

When you select OK you will be asked if you want to update all points with the values in the selected database.

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