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Corrected Image

The View Corrected Image dialogue box is really just the bottom section of the Output Parameters dialogue box. It allows you to select camera distortion parameters from either the PTS file (if it contains such information) or from the camera definitions you have prepared using the Camera Calibration feature of ASRix.

Selecting the PTS file radio button, if it's available, will select the camera parameters stored in the current PTS file while selecting the Camera Description radio button will allow you to choose any camera for which you have calibration data.

The View button will open a window displaying the source image corrected for lense distortion but not rectified.

The Save .COR. button will allow you to save the corrected image. By default it will go to the same directory as the source image with a .COR. inserted between the file name and the extension.

The Done button will save the selected camera parameters so that they will be used for the next rectification or as the starting point the next time the Output Parameters dialogue box is opened for this project.

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