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Using a data file

Using the Database Connection

If you have your world coordinates stored in a database this function can be used to automate their entry into the point mapping dialogue box of ASRix saving a great deal of time and eliminating the possibility of transcription errors.

The file types currently supported include:

To connect a data file you can select the Data icon from the tool bar, select Database connection from the Tools menu, select the Change button in the point mapping dialogue box or press F3

You will be presented with the Database Connection dialogue box where you can select the appropriate data file and a predefined data definition to process it. but of course, the parameters of your data file will have to be defined and your installation of ASRix configured to search out and correctly parse these files.

How to do this is dealt with in some detail in the section on Data file definitions

Luckily a typical user will have only one type of coordinate data file.

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