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Alternate Point Files

Alternate Point Files

The Alternate Points File dialogue box allows the user to define the point mapping in one image and use it in another. At first glance this might seem a useless exercise but there are a couple of situations where it can be quite handy.

Some uses of this feature include:

  1. Using one set of point coordinates to rectify several images of the same object.
  2. For example if you have several photographs of a surface taken at different times you can measure and rectify one of these images then load a second one, select the point file of the first and then move the points into the correct positions on the new photo.

  3. Using points from a photo containing targets or a grid to rectify a photo with the targets
  4. removed of course the photo must be identical in terms of camera location, direction and focal length

  5. Using points from an adjacent rectification when making a collage. Saves reentering
  6. coordinates.

  7. You will also use this dialogue box a lot as you work your way through the
  8. samples.

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