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AutoCAD Installation

Installing the AutoCAD Utilities

To use ASRix from within AutoCAD you have to tell AutoCAD where to find the ASRix program files.

If you installed the AutoCAD components of the ASRix release there will be an "Install AutoCAD Interface" menu item in the ASRix section of the Program area of your Start menu.

If it is not there you will have to install these components either by using the Change/Remove option in Add or Remove Programs or by reinstalling ASRix, being careful to include, at least, the AutoCAD Interface component. This is explained further in the section on ASRix Installation.

Selecting the Install AutoCAD Interface menu item will open AutoCAD with the drawing INSTALL.DWG in the ASRix directory This is the same as using your file manager to locate the directory where ASRix is installed ("C:\Program Files\ASRix\" if the defaults were accepted) and launch AutoCAD by double clicking the drawing. You MUST load the drawing in one of these ways so that the install routine can locate all the elements it needs.

Instructions are written in this drawing but basically what you have to do is type "SCRIPT" and select install.scr which should be the only one listed. If you don't get a file dialogue box accept the default or type install at the command prompt)

Next you will see a warning box

After which you will be presented with a list of the directories on the ACAD search path from which you must select an appropriate location for ASRix.LSP, a small file (less than 500 bytes) which provides the link between ASRix and AutoCAD.

For instance, a standard AutoCAD R14 installation will have a search path that starts like the following:

C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\support
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\fonts
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\help
Most AutoCAD users will have added one or more other directories which contain their custom utilities, symbol libraries etc. Normally you would choose one of these custom directories, if they exist so that you won't have to reinstall ASRix.LSP if you upgrade your AutoCAD but the ASRix AutoCAD utilities will work exactly the same in any of the directories listed in the dialogue box.

In the two examples shown below (one ACAD R14, the other Autodesk Map 2005) the directory O:/support is common to both AutoCAD installations and if this is selected ASRix will work with both.

Once you have selected a directory the ASRix menu will load and you will see the message from the Which ASR command

Notice the 3rd line which states: The ASRix settings file is unavailable

This explains the next message:

Clicking OK here will bring you to the Settings Utility where you must click the Save settings as Defaults button (or you will be harassed until you do).

Once thus installed the ASRix menu can be loaded at any time by typing (load "ASRix") at the command prompt. This will work for all instances of AutoCAD installed on a single machine as long as they all have the directory into which you installed ASRix.lsp included in their Support File Search Path.

The ASRix menu can be unloaded at any time by selecting the Unload ASRix option near the bottom of the ASRix utilities menu or using the customize menus utility in AutoCAD by unloading menu group ASR.

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