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DWF format

The DWF Format

The DWF (Drawing Web Format) is about the only way to distribute your AutoCAD/ASRix models to interested parties who don't have AutoCAD. It has become quite sophisticated over the past few years and now supports 3D views. One version even supports 3D manipulation by the user. The most useful functions for an ASRix user are the Layer, Named View and Hyperlink features.

When ASRix inserts an image into AutoCAD it creates a layer of the same name as the image and adds a hyperlink to the source image. These features can be carried through to the DWF file making it a convenient visual index to the other files in the data set.

There are several DWF viewers available as FreeWare on the internet but my testing lately has been mostly limited to the Autodesk products, of which the most current is called Autodesk Design Review and is available for free download from: (search for dwfviewer download ). Or search the web for "DWF Viewer"

From the AutoCAD environment there are 3 flavours of DWF currently available, each of which can be accessed from the ASRix menu.

The best way to get a feel for the different options and the possibilities of each is to complete the exercise for either the Cube or Building drawings and then make DWFs from them using the different commands.

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