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ASRix - Digital Image Rectifier v2.beta

A S R i x - Digital Image Rectifier

What is a rectifier?

A rectifier starts with a photographic image of an object then, based on measurements which define a plane on this object, adjusts the image to conform to the measurements in such a way that features on that plane can be accurately scaled.

Benefits of Rectification

What is ASRix?

ASRix takes the basic rectifier functionality a step further by adding:

Input Requirements
  1. Digital image (scanned or CCD) in BMP, TIFF or JPEG formats
  2. A minimum of 4 measurements (either 2D or 3D) on each plane to be processed
From this it produces a Rectified Digital Image that can be plotted to scale, inserted into an AutoCAD drawing or passed to any image processor for annotation.

Benefits of ASRix

The latest HELP on-line

Beware: this is all Beta stuff.

There ARE bugs in it and the help reflects no existing release. Furthermore I can't promise much support as the executables are changing daily. But a lot of it works and may be useful to someone. If it is I'd like your feedback as we inch our way towards a release.

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