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Long Term Data

The broad intent of the ASCix Digital File Cataloguer is to create an electronic data set that has at least some possibility of being deciphered by researchers other than those that created it. This directory also contains a series of comma separated files (.CSV) which can be imported into any spreadsheet or database. These compile the whole data set to produce reports including:

ASCix adds nothing proprietary to the data set and it is hoped that given the Shadow Files and the Reports along with the files themselves any scholar, using any software they prefer, could make sense of the data and/or import it into their own environment for further study and analysis.

The logical extension of this principle would suggest that non-proprietary formats be used for the files to be catalogued. Word Processing documents can be saved as .TXT, Spreadsheets and Database files as .CSVs and CAD files as .DXF. Where significant data loss accompanies such a conversion both files can be catalogued (just in case posterity has the appropriate software).

what ASCix does, does not and is not.

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