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    The catalogued file name is the key to everything ASCix is trying to do and this is where you specify how that name will be structured.

    Each field in this form represents one piece of the file name.

    The form below would create simple file names in the form code-Number with an optional variable after the delimiter.
    For example code-001
    or, using the variable code-a001

    The next example would create more complex file names in the form code_Number_Author.yymmdd
    with an optional variable after the first delimiter.
    For example code_001-sn.050110
    or, using the variable code_a001-sn.050110


    If files have already been catalogued you will get the following message when you open the File Name Definition form and, if you make any changes to the naming structure the ReCatalogue All button will be enabled and the new name will be applied to all your catalogued files.

    This is not as simple as it sounds, at least not yet, so it is best to give some serious thought to your file name structure before you start.

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