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Transaction Logging


Transaction Logging

Every operation performed on a file is noted in a log file which you will find in the configuration directory. It will have the same name as the Catalogue Configuration File except for the extension .LOG

A fragment of the log file created as I prepared these notes is shown below:

01/02/2005 6:09:23 PM | J:\ASCix\ASC-HELP.CPK | SN
    Rejected file aboutAccess.gif
    Rejected file AboutWindowsXP.gif
    Rejected file abstract.txt
    Catalogued config-0.txt to config-001.txt
    Catalogued configMenu.gif to config-002.gif
    Re-catalogged file report-old.gif from report-002.gif
    Catalogued report-old.gif to report-003.gif
    Catalogued reportDefaults.gif to report-002.gif
    Edited J:\ASCix\catalog\ascix-001.txt
    Re-catalogged file ascix-cover.txt from ascix-001.txt
    Catalogued ascix-cover.txt to ascix-001.txt

03/06/2005 5:49:07 AM | J:\ASCix\ASC-HELP.CPK | SN
    Catalogued logging.txt to logging-001.txt
    Edited J:\ASCix\catalog\start-001.txt
    Edited J:\ASCix\catalog\menu-001.txt
    Edited J:\ASCix\catalog\logging-001.txt
    Catalogued ASC-HELP.LOG to logging-002.LOG
    Edited J:\ASCix\catalog\logging-002.LOG

Files Referenced for "logging"
  • logging_001.txt
  • logging_002.LOG

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