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Data Integrity


The Data Integrity Form analyses the data set and advises the user if there are issues that need to be dealt with.

This feature is not yet implemented.

On Login the following tables are built:

  1. One from the Shadow files
  2. (the usual tblCATALOG)
  3. One by reading _catalogue.CSV
  4. One from a directory listing of all files in the Catalogue
  5. One from the files in Source
  6. One from the files in Used
  7. One from the files in Rejected

  8. Then these are queried to show:
  9. The Codes in use
  10. The Keywords in use
  11. The Authors in use

These are then compared to build the reports described below.

If any of the Critical Reports contains records they must be resolved before cataloguing can continue.

=============== Critical Checks

=============== Non-critical Checks