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    To add a file type to those available for cataloguing you must enter the file extension and the path to the program you wish to use to open files of that type. This is done from the Configuration Menu or by selecting the "+" beside the Extensions drop-down, above the view window, in the cataloguer.

    In the table below you can enter the extensions associated with the file types you will be using and the program you wish to use to edit those files. Typically this will be the program you used to create the file in the first place.
    By default Microsoft Explorer will try to display the file and will usually succeed but often in a read-only environment. Other Windows embedded programs that might be useful are notepad for text files and mspaint for images.
    However these are not very sophisticated programs and you will probably want to use software with which you are familiar.
    The problem is that locating the program to open that file is not always as easy as it should be.

    To start, right-click on the icon you use to launch the program and select Properties.

    The best you can hope for with the current crop of Windows programs is to see a form like the one below: If the Target box shows a path to an executable, highlight it and copy it, "quotations" and all, to the Program Path box of the Add Extension dialogue box.

    If you are less lucky the Properties form will look like the one below, with advertising in the Target box instead of the path to the program

    in which case you will have to browse to find the executable:

    Assemble the path, in the Address window, in the case illustrated that would be:
    C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office10
    followed by a backslash " / " and the name of the executable
    EXCEL.EXE with the whole thing wrapped in quotations to form the string:
    "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office10/EXCEL.EXE"
    Copy this to the Program Path box of the Add Extension dialogue box.

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