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The Cataloguer Form

This is the form from which you actually do the cataloguing.
It is divided into several areas:

At the top left are three radio buttons which determine which functions you will be using.

These determine the directory, and the underlying table, to which the rest of the form is referring. Depending on which of these buttons is selected the rest of the form will be somewhat altered.

The next section contains the parameters used to create the file names.

Below the Naming Variables box is the name of the corresponding file. It differs

depending in which directory you are working.

Below this file name is a box containing the data fields not involved in file naming.

These can only be edited in the Source and Rejected views.

At the very bottom of the left side of this form is the Message Window

If active it will contain a message indicating the last transaction and generally if there is a message in this area the Undo button to its right will be enabled. The action described in the message box is the one that will be undone if the Undo button is selected.

At the top and to the right of the directory selection buttons are three buttons:

Under these buttons are the Filters.

Below this is the Viewing Area

It can show either

or Text

If the file is neither of these and cannot be displayed a message to that effect will be displayed instead.
File types that will not display properly in this window can be viewed by clicking the Open button below the Navigation buttons.

Under the Viewing Area is a row of Navigation Buttons

These will allow you to scroll through the files in the directory you have chosen.

Once you have selected one of these buttons you can scroll using your arrow keys instead of constantly abusing your rodent.

The next group of buttons are those which initiate the actual Cataloguing actions.

They differ slightly depending on which view of the catalogue is currently chosen.

+ In all cases the small button labelled with a "+" will open the Extensions and Editors table where you can identify the types of files you will be using and your preferred editor for each.

  • Source View

  • Rejected View

  • Catalogued View

  • At the bottom of the right side of the form is a final row of buttons

    Files Referenced for "catalog"
  • catalog_001.txt

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