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Introduction to ICCROM Lab / ARIS Course Information System (AAV, SN)

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  • http://nickerson.icomos.org/euf/name.htm

    Logical thinking on the question of file names is going to be encouraged using a two pronged approach.

    The problems inherent in creating and maintaining structured data will be discussed and the idea of structured file names will be introduced as a solution

    Students and instructors will work out a protocol for data naming and then:

    1. The students would do their work and manually name their files to conform to the
    2. agreed upon structure

    3. At the end of the day, they would use the cataloguer to move their files into the class
    4. project directory.

    CartHTML will be used to audit both sets of data so that each student will have a personal web site of their own files and the group as a whole would have another, based on the catalogue of the communal effort.

    This should provide a good idea of what can be done with simple logic (which is a lot) but also how much more can be accomplished by adding the DB component.

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    Database preparation (AAG, SN)

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