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A brief explanation of this data set (generated by ASCix)

This set of files is intended to be decipherable it by intuition alone but, if not, this file may prove useful

The overriding feature of this data set is that each file is named by a strictly enforced formula and each is accompanied by a shadow file with the same name but having an additional extension, in this case, "..TIK"
The shadow files are in ASCII text format and will be readable by any text editor. They contain the following information

  • File: The name of the file they describe
  • SrcFile: The original name of the file before it was catalogued and renamed
  • Code: The primary key under which that file was catalogued
  • Number: A unique number for that code (mostly there to ensure that the names are unique)
  • Var: A user defined variable
  • Keywords: These may further describe the object described in the file
  • Caption: A brief description of the object described in the file
  • Comments: Another brief description of whatever the person cataloguing thought was important
  • Author: The user ID of the person responsible
  • Date: The date assigned to the fiile by the person Cataloguing
  • The data set was put together based on the configuration file described in "___READ-ME.CSV" which should also be in this directory, the sections of which will be described below.

    The first section is of little interest, being the parameters with which the data set was created.
    The exceptions are:

  • UseCart: If this is True there should be HTML pages somewhere with the data somewhat formatted
  • CartCaptionExt: The extension of the Shadow files
  • NameStructure: Describes how the file name was derived from the information in the shadow file
  • @ the meaning of the codes needs to be described

    The list of codes used as the primary key followed by a short title
    The list of keywords
    The list of Authors including ID, First Name, Last Name & Contact info
    A list of the file extensions used and the preferred editor of the person cataloguing

    Date 08/04/2005 5:35:33 PM
    ConfigFile C:\ARIS05\SPN\SPN.cpk
    ConfigDir C:\ARIS05\SPN
    CatalogDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\catalogue
    SourceDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\SOURCE
    CatDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\used
    RejDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\rejects
    ReportsDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\reports
    UseCart True
    CartSoftwareDir C:\carthtml
    CartConfigFile C:\ARIS05\SPN\SPN.CH1
    CartIndexFile SPN.CH2
    CartTitle Steves Trip to Rome
    CartSourceDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\catalogue
    CartHtmlDir C:\ARIS05\SPN\HTML
    CartCaptionFile TIK
    CartCaptionFields Caption|Date
    CartFrame Article
    NameStructure 3|:|_|*|-|4|\2|/2
    MdbDir C:\ASCix\ASCix.mdb
    appia Via Appia Antica
    aris05 ARIS05
    caracalla Terme di Caracalla
    mosaic Mosaic Studio
    necropolis Necropolis
    roma Touring Rome
    us Participants
    SN Steve Nickerson
    GIF C:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro 6\Psp.exe
    JPG C:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro 6\Psp.exe
    TXT notepad.exe
    WPD C:\Program Files\WordPerfect Office 12\Programs\wpwin12.exe

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