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Basic Heritage Recording (a 2 day course)

The intent of this introductory course would is to acquaint potential Heritage Recorders with some basic concepts and some simple tools that will ensure that their trips to the field bring back data that can be used both immediately and in the future as required to document the site. We will also provide them with ideas on how to quickly organize that data for long term storage as well as for easy access using web based tools.

If at all possible participants should bring:

Probably they will work in pairs so if half have this stuff it will be enough for the course but it will be much better if each can bring his own.

The software that will be discussed will include:

Participants will also be introduced to:

The Test Site

A heritage site will be near the lab will be selected because of its combination of flat and curved surfaces, at least some of which will be available for hand measurement (i.e. close to the ground).

Tourist brochures, a rough map, pictures or other material describing the site will help us anticipate what we will be recording and how to name things.

At the test site the participants will take notes, digital photographs and collect measurements suitable for rectification and stereo plotting. In the lab they will prepare a site plan, a catalogue template and calibrate their cameras before going to the site to do some recording.

After the site visit they will rectify their photographs based on the measurements they have taken and see the uses to which their material can be put when processed by experts using Photogrammetry and CAD.

Everything will be catalogued and processed into a set of Web Pages similar to these you are reading now.

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